Students Top 10

This is another flagship event of ICTAK, which is engrossed for student community of the colleges in the state of Kerala. This event will be conducted in three different zones of Kerala namely, South, Central and North. For this event 10 students from each college (called as student champs) will be invited to a respective zone and will be given a chance to interact with industry leaders and experts from various domains. During the program the students will get an opportunity to ask questions to the industry leaders regarding their expectations and the set of skills, knowledge and competency they look for. This academia-industry interface program will help the students to prepare to face the challenges that they will encounter in the professional world. As we commit to the industry to produce some of the best professionals who will someday be the leaders of our thriving world, we work towards setting a high standard of output for our institution. Adopting global practices for our students is just the beginning of developing world leaders and professionals by working on their overall development!

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