ICTAK has been pioneering its training model over the years both for Online and Offline training. Since 2014, over 30K students & 10K teachers and a similar number of executives being trained by us. For virtual learning, we have created a unique hybrid model called Positive Engagement in Real-Time Learning (PERL) model.

 For every course of ours, we set the initial expectations through appropriate orientation to the programme. The entry is assessed and baselined to ensure people with the right pre-requisites are absorbed into our training programme. Participants are provided with access to a digital library through the course contents for the enrolled courses are mapped into the digital learning contents to enable self-paced learning. However, the digital learning contents are a collection of a large source of content on various skills that the participants can use to learn self-paced content on various future skills and digital skills programmes. 

As part of the synchronous learning process, participants are guided through live learning, instructor-led, video content and Q&A sessions. The third channel of learning is through a collaborative platform, which acts as an interactive platform where the learners and instructors are connected 24×7. This platform also enables peer-to-peer learning.

The other channel of learning is through Self-learning, where participants are required to submit assignments, solve problems through mini-projects and attend intermediate formative assessments. Participants get an opportunity to connect with industry experts to understand the real-time implementation of the skills learnt. Participants get to also solve industry problems through Virtual Internships. As part of the exit, participants are progressively evaluated through formative and summative assessments.

Over 1500 learners have been trained through the PERL model and that has produced over 4.5 positive feedback ratings for the training.