Mr. Kailas Karthikeyan

Assistant Manager – Marketing



Kailas Karthikeyan is a Asst. manager at ICT Academy of Kerala where Kailas manages the promotions of the courses/programs and other related activities in the company.In one way we can say, he helps to solve the employability issues of the target market by providing viable solutions to them.Kailas holds a master’s degree in Business from University of Calicut, Kerala.After Working in the area of Sales & Marketing for brands like Marriott International , Leela ventures Ltd he started his journey with ICT Academy of Kerala in 2018. During his tenure in Marriott International , he has been honored with several awards like Star Associate, All India Coyle Audit Topper(2018) etc. When he isn’t working you will find Kailas in nearby theaters since he is a filmophile.