IOT for Engineering Applications


  • To learn the basics of FOSS and OSH along with factors that will decide their selection
  • To get familiarized with two HW Platforms –
    Arduino and Raspberry-Pi
  • To handle the complete stages of IOT – Sensing,
    Processing,Communicating and Actuating protocols
  • To get an overview of Industrial projects basedon IOT and solutions to problems faced in our day-to-day life


  • Introduction to FOSS
  • OSH and Choosing the right Platform
  • Introduction to IOT
  • Sensors, Actuators, Processing and Communication
  • IOT based Projects using OSH
  • Working with Arduino
  • DIY Project-1 with Arduino
  • DIY Project-2 with Arduino
  • Working with Raspberry Pi
  • DIY Project-3 with Raspberry Pi
  • List Item
  • DIY Project-4 with Raspberry Pi


All the sessions will be in a Hands-on approach where students can explore with different types of HW components and Keil IDE.