Monsoon Internship Programme

Monsoon Internship

Monsoon Internship is ICT Academy of Kerala’s unique programme for students which aims at applying and testing knowledge learnt in the classroom to workplace. Through this programme, participants will gain an understanding of the skills and knowledge required for successful working in organizations.

This programme will help to augment the Technical, Engineering & IT Skills of students and also to empower on the meta knowledge and skills which will pave the way to boost the self -confidence and self-esteem of the students.

The programme will help the students to understand the industrial processes and standards used for developing solutions to real life business problems. Our programme will enable students to work on similar use cases, applying those process and standards. This we believe will help the students to acquire practical knowledge that are relevant to the industry and make them future ready.The internship program strategies are very specific, measurable, realistic and fit well within the time framework and also showcases what the student hopes to learn from their experiences and the level of academic expectations that are expected!

10 Day Monsoon Internship Training Program 2019

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

                                 Building Business Application with IoT

Sr.No Location Internship Start Date End Date Status
1 Technopark Trivandrum RPA 24-Jun-19 5-Jul-19 Register Now
2 Technopark Trivandrum IOT 8-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 Register Now
3 Infopark Koratty IOT 24-Jun-19 5-Jul-19 Register Now
4 Infopark Koratty RPA 8-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 Register Now
5 UL Cyberpark Calicut RPA 8-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 Register Now
6  UL Cyberpark Calicut IOT 24-Jun-19 5-Jul-19 Register Now