Certificate program on

Digital Teaching Techniques

New batch commence on

27th July – 2nd Aug 2020

Virtual Workshop on Instructional Design Using Agile-ADDIE


      • Explore best practices in Digital Content Development
      • Familiarize various stages of ADDIE framework for Instructional Design
      • Sensitizing and creating the awareness about MOOC’s Platform
      • Instructional Design for MOOC Development
      • Understand Various resource Management features at MOODLE
      • Creation of various activities through MOODLE
      • Learn to set up Completion Tracking
      • Understand the configuration of Gradebook
      • Deal with Google Classroom

Fee : ₹ 750 + GST


This online FDP aims at providing a forum for members of the academic community, to design develop and publish a MOOC course through MOODLE by incorporating the best practices in Instructional Design, some of its objectives:

      • Design, Develop and Transact a MOOC course, in view of the changing
        demand for online learning
      • Use MOODLE to transact the curriculum and for the effective management
        of student support services in classroom.
      • Resource Management at MOODLE
      • Scheduling various activities at MOODLE
      • Learn to deal with Google Classroom


About the Program

MOODLE is a Learning Management System can be used to manage and deliver the e-content in a effective manner. The online FDP is curdled with demonstration videos on how to configure the Learning Management System and followed by assignments. Participants can complete the course within Two weeks based on their time and pace. At the end this course, Participants will be capable to Design, Develop and Publish a course through MOODLE enabled platforms. As an additional section, introduction and content management at Google Classroom also will be covered as an alternative. 



  • Introduction to AGILE-ADDIE Framework
  • Explore various stages of Instructional Design
  • Introduction to various Tools/Templates required for Digital Content Design
      • Mind map
      • Quality Framework
      • Storyboard Creation
      • Video/Recording and Editing
      • Feedback Analysis
    • Introduction to Moodle
    • Category and Course Creation
    • Create and Add Moodle Resources
      • Label
      • File
      • Folder
      • Page
      • URL
      • Book

    • User Creation and User Enrollment
      • Manual
      • Bulk User
      • Groups
    • Configuring Gradebook
    • Create and Add Moodle Activities
    • Assignment (Online & File Upload)
    • Quiz
    • Question Bank Creation
    • Attendance
    • Forum
    • Grades and Reports
    • Feedback Collection
    • Deal with Google Classroom
      • Introduction
      • What is Google Classroom
      • Benefits of Google Classroom
      • Sharing Resources
      • Create Assignments

Training Details

    • Duration of the Program is 7 Days – 1-2 Hours of Learning Contents on every day.
    • Online training can be accessible through ICT Academy of Kerala’s Learning Management System(Paatshala/SkillsJunxion).
    • All the sessions will be scheduled through the Learning Management System and there will 3 Live sessions.
    • Separate forum will be there for every section and Participants can raise queries related to the session through respective forums.
    • Training shall be conducted through online mode and all participants should arrange the facilities to access the leaning management system at their end.
    • e-Certificate to all participants will be issued on Successful Completion of the Program.

Hear from our participants

The Virtual Workshop on "Instructional Design using Agile-ADDIE" was a very informative workshop. It provided new insights to me on MOODLE. The lectures were well delivered to the participants through video lectures with subtitles. The concepts were explained in a simple and effective manner.

My future plan is to explore more on MOODLE and to develop and deliver a course in MOODLE for our NISH students. 

Expecting more informative workshops from ICTAK in future.

Parvathy Pavithran
Senior Lecturer (CS), NISH, Trivandrum

“Simple and the Best “


The Virtual Workshop on Instructional Design using Agile-ADDIE organised by ICT Academy of Kerala    gave me another approach of creative and innovative teaching. This Workshop which is  designed to provide the participants  a clear understanding of Agile-ADDIE Framework, Roles of ICT Tools in ADDIE,  Design, Develop and Implement courses in MOODLE LMS, Configure and Host your own MOODLE, Various ICT tools, etc. was well organised.  I found the practical ideas for activities really interesting and useful. It was good to be put on the spot to remember what it is we ask students and teachers to do all the time. The virtual workshop was an exciting introduction to MOODLE and well-presented and interesting to a community of learners and teachers. Being able to experience it as a student, and then review that experience with other teachers was a brilliant way to internalize the theory and practice. I cannot wait to try it out with my class this year. I am always looking for a fresh approach and to try new things and ICT Academy of Kerala have given me that today. Great ideas to taken back and feel refreshed.  Thank You.

Dr Loona C
Assistant Professor and Research Guide Dept. of History, Assumption College Autonomous, Changanassery