Bring your own Device – Policy and terms of use

  1. Background

With a lot of device options available in the market and with people having personal and official devices in their household, it is noticed that our associates may be finding it difficult to switch files, mails and other activities between the machines. In some cases, the convenience of carrying a personal laptop seems to be the preferred choice for the associates. It is in this context that ICT Academy of Kerala is making a policy decision to encourage Bring your own device (BYOD) , and promote its proliferation amongst its employees.

  1. Scheme

In alignment to a minimum specification listed under the specifications section, every employee can choose Laptop of their choice (brand, specification beyond, colour, features , price etc). ICT Academy will provide an amount (all inclusive) of up to Rs 40,000 /- for High end (to be issued to KO or associates who need to download and use high end s/w) and Rs 32,000 /- for non-high end users. Based on the approval from the immediate supervisor, the details for the laptop (brand, price, specifications, purchasing shop) needs to be submitted in the google form (Sreeraj to attach a google form) and after the approval from the IT Lead, Finance to provide 75% of the purchase cost as advance. The rest 25% of the amount shall be provided after submitting the copy of the Invoice/ receipt to the Finance Dept .The amount shall be deducted as an equal Monthly instalment from the associate’s salary for 12 months (Rs 3,450 /- for High end and Rs 2,750 /- for the non-high end) and a self declaration letter to be given showing your consent for deducting the same from your salary.

If the price of laptop , with the prescribed specification costs less than the above price points, the lower of both shall be allocated (service charges will be recalibrated according to the percentages) . Associates have their freedom to choose a higher end laptop or a higher priced laptop, but the amount loaned by ICT Academy shall be limited to the maximum amount described above.

The procured laptop, however, will be restricted by the Company firewall and other data policies governed by ICT Academy of Kerala, when used in the Company premises. Strict adherence to such policies shall be monitored and any violation shall be dealt with immediate revoking of the scheme and the entire pending amount shall be recouped in a single installment. Any other legal remedies as required to contain the damages of data policy violation, shall be applied

The laptop & accessories  shall be under the complete accountability of the associate availing the scheme. Sufficient warranty and insurance shall be the responsibility of the associate . ICT Academy of Kerala shall not be liable for any issues or shall be able to replace / repair or maintain the laptops purchased through the scheme.

The scheme is applicable to all the permanent associates and for associates on long term , subject to the fact that the assignment duration is more than one year.

The scheme shall be available for associates once in three years commencing from July 1, 2020 and the scheme cannot be availed retrospectively.

  1. Specifications:

  1. Non High-end Users

Processor :  Intel i3 or Above

RAM : 4GB Minimum

HDD : 512GB or above /SSD optional

OS: Genuine Windows / Linux / MACOS etc

Microsoft office : Genuine Licence / Libreoffice

  1. High-end Users

Processor: Intel i5 or above

RAM : 4GB or above

SSD : 128GB minimum

HDD : 512GB or above /SSD optional

OS: Genuine Windows / Linux / MACOS etc

Microsoft office : Genuine Licence / Libreoffice

  1. Anti Virus Software

The Company will give free antivirus for every machine purchased in BYOD Scheme.

If associates wish to use the already purchased machine for official purposes and if their anti-virus license has expired, the company will purchase anti-virus software for them, limited to a single license per person.

  1. Legal aspects

Purchase of computer and accessories should be in your name and hence invoice be collected from the supplier in your name and address and all future contractual relations will be between purchaser and manufacturer of the product.

Associates are responsible for protecting the company data stored in the device from theft or any other case in which the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged. Associates are personally liable to the damage of goodwill of the company or any  legal or other issue which may arise in the aforesaid circumstances.

If the associates subsequently replace the device with a low priced device, during the currency of the loan repayment tenure or makes any profit out of the re-selling of the purchased device with ICTAK loan, that associate will not be eligible for availing the scheme in the future.

Associates who are using company laptops should opt for the Bring Your Own Device scheme when the need for the next replacement arises. To be more specific, when the next repair or service cycle of the device arises, associates should either surrender the device to the Company or bear the cost of repair. When the device becomes completely non usable  or further repair is not possible,the same has to be surrendered and replaced with a new machine under the BYOD Scheme.