Business Web application using Java


The purpose of this course is to provide basics required knowledge on Advanced java topics so that the
participants can have a foundation to develop the web application using JSP and Servlet and to learn the other
advanced java frameworks.


  • Introduction to JSP, Java Servlet and JDBC
  • Introduction to various software tools.
  • Setting up the computer for JSP and Java Servlet
  • Introduction to Tiered Architecture
  • Why HTML & JSP?
  • JSP scripting elements
  • Deployment descriptor and annotations
  • MVC overview
  • Forms overview under JSP
  • Get and Post Methods
  • Servlets life cycle
  • Forms under Servlet
  • Basic form validation
  • Session under JSP overview
  • JDBC


The program is inculcated with discussions and practice sessions using Eclipse IDE. Participants will get an opportunity to address the Real-time problems along with discussions.