Cloud Computing Fundamentals

“  An initiative of ICTAK powered by AWS Educate “


IT being the driving force in every industry and to make the learners across the state as Cloud Ready ICT Academy of Kerala has collaborated with AWS Educate Program. The objective is to provide learning programs in the areas of ‘Cloud Computing Fundamentals’ and AWS solutions for engineering/ Polytechnic students. AWS being a leader in cloud services the students will immensely benefit from this association in terms of latest skills . Also the partner institutions will have an industry ready workforce to offer.

About the Program: 

The cloud is a part of everyday life. For companies everywhere, it’s become an ideal solution for their technology needs. With its ability to scale, on-demand solutions, and flexible pricing, companies can focus on bringing their ideas to life rather than buying and managing servers. In this pathway, which contains ~25 hours of learning, you will be introduced to the basics of cloud computing and the AWS solutions.

Learning Audiences:

For any engineering/ Polytechnic Student (preferably- 2nd / 3rd Year Student)

 Pre Requisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Windows/ Linux operating systems
  • Working knowledge of any web browser
  • Instructions will be provided by ICT Academy of Kerala on how to register in the program.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Platform technologies

  1. Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  2. Knowledge Check

Module 2: AWS cloud computing Services

  1. AWS Cloud Computing Services Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. AWS Compute Services
  4. AWS Analytics Services
  5. AWS Database Services
  6. AWS Developer Tools
  7. AWS Management Tools
  8. AWS Storage Services
  9. AWS Networking and Content Delivery Services
  10. Knowledge Check

Benefits for Students

  • The program enables students to build basic cloud computing skills. After successful completion, learners will receive an AWS Cloud Badge.
  • Each student from an AWS Educate member institute is eligible to receive AWS Promotional Credit on enrollment.

 Program Support

ICT Academy of Kerala will provide the the step by step process to join AWS Educate at the college level.


AWS Educate Frequently Asked Questions

AWS Educate Program

The AWS Educate program (“AWS Educate”) is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to greatly accelerate cloud-related learning and to help power the workforce of tomorrow. The program offers a robust set of no-cost tools, resources, and AWS Promotional Credits for students and educators to skill up on the cloud.

Students receive several benefits upon approval into AWS Educate:

  • AWS Promotional Credits to explore AWS tools and service
  • Specialized content & hands-on activities designed to get students comfortable with the basic of cloud computing
  • Access to 12 Cloud Career Pathways covering in-demand topics such as machine learning, cybersecurity, and software development, each with 30+ hours of content
  • Ability to earn AWS badges for different competencies such as IoT, gaming, and Alexa skills
  • The AWS Educate job board with job and internship opportunities from Amazon and other companies in the AWS Partner network

Student interaction with AWS Educate is focused initially on learning pathways to enable students to understand AWS technology and how these skills relate to in-demand career opportunities.

To learn more about the AWS Educate program, visit