Effective course delivery through Moodle


  • To learn the applications of Embedded System Projects in our day-to-day life
  •  To get familiarized with HW and SW Platform – NXP FRDM KL25Z and Keil IDE
  •  To connect different sensors and actuators using different communication protocols


  • Introduction to Embedded Systems and ARM Processors
  • Setting up FRDM board with Keil Software Development Tools
  • Setting up a Project from Scratch for Compilation
  • Code-writing Basics – Flashing LEDs using GPIO
  • Modular Coding – Using LCD, Accelerometer, GPIO & I2C
  • Modular Coding & Code Reuse – Proximity Sensing using GPIO & ADC


All the sessions will be in a Hands-on approach where students can explore with different types of HW components and Keil IDE.