Microsoft training

Microsoft training

SAKSHAM, a Microsoft initiative, aligning with MHRD’s NMEICT (National Mission on Education through ICT) objectives was organized at Ace College of Engineering at Trivendrum, Kerala from 14/09/15 to 20/09/15.

26 participants from Three Colleges, from Civil Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Chemical Engineering who attended the training have been promoted as Master Trainers. As Master Trainers, these educators will take on mentoring roles and spread the use of ICT in Education by reaching out to colleagues and students.

The 06 day journey comprised of extensive IT training sessions, which were designed to be riveting and invigorating. A blend of theory, hands on and experiential learning enthused and kept the educators engaged as they learnt how to integrate technology into education and how to be effective mentors. These mentors will help create and maintain the momentum of change in teaching learning in higher education.

The SAKSHAM Portal, is an online resource which allows the above SAKSHAM champions to prepare and access content, form communities, build content repositories, leverage knowledge and actively share ideas and projects. Champions also have the facility to create their own training batches on Saksham portal and thus extend the online community of new ICT champions.Microsoft plans to recognize those ICT champions who successfully reach out and mentor other educators and students.

Microsoft welcomes the educators from Ace College of Enginering, Trivendram with ICT -Kerala into its fold and the SAKSHAM fraternity, which represents an empowered, critical-mass of dedicated experts in every field, working in a networked manner to bridge the digital divide and accomplish MHRD’s NME-ICT vision.