Certified IoT Specialist

Certified IoT Specialist

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Why should you take this programme

Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the most disruptive technology advancement in the world of IT. It gave an opportunity for IT Systems to talk to physical systems in the world. The interesting part of IOT is that it works not just on the Software layer, but also on the micro controller , sensor layers . Certified specialists in IOT should therefore know how to work with sensors, micro controller, communication protocols and software programming. IOT continues to be amongst the top 5 industry trends in the world of technology and the industry has a huge demand for professionals with good knowledge go IOT.

Why ICT Academy of Kerala ?

We are the only Public-Private-Partnered  IT skills delivery Organisation in Kerala that has the partnership ecosystem comprising of some of the worlds known IT Providers such as TCVS, QuEST Global, EY, UST Global, IBS , Infosys etc. We are indeed support by both Union Government and the State Govt. of Kerala. We therefore has the most credible training provider in the state to offer such programme. Also , using our partnership , we will be able to include expert classroom sessions from the industry (Approximately 30 % of our courses will be run directly by working industry experts) . In addition, candidates who complete our courses will be referred to all the partner organisation , who will consider our candidates for their recruitment programme

Type of Programme 

We acknowledge that you may be a graduate still in search of jobs or you may be a working professional, but wanted to change to Data Science space. We have designed two types of courses for satisfying both category of participants

(A) Classroom based : This will be fully run inside our labs under the able administration of our faculty members. Total of 140 hrs of training with a working Project will be part of the programme (please refer our syllabus for the details). The programme will be spread over 10 Weeks – each day 3 hrs (for 5 days a week) – Fees 29,300/- (All inclusive)

(B) Blended Mode : This will be run on a blended mode of self paced learning and weekend classroom based training . Total of 140 hrs of training with a working project will be part of our programme , spread over 12 weeks . A total of 48 hrs of classroom training will be organised (every week end 4 hours, for 12 weeks) in our labs and 92 hrs of online /live learning  – Fees 24,600/- (All inclusive)

Course Assessment & Certification 

There will be formative assessment through out the programme and a summative assessment at the end of the programme. A weighted average of formative and summative assessments will lead to certification. Participants will need to obtain 60 % and above to obtain Successful Completion Certification. Other participants will obtain a Certification of Participation for the course. Candidates will be give one free chance to improve their summative assessment score, if it helps them to obtain certification. Any additional attempts will need to be paid for , separately (Please note, there will not be a retake for formative assessments )

Certified Participants will be referred to our partner organisations for any of their IOT related projects.

Fees Schedule

Only the initial registration Fees (Rs 1000/- ) needs to be paid to us at the time of registering through online. After attending our first session, if you are not satisfied , we shall refund the registration fees to you. In case you are continuing, you need to pay the rest of the fees in two equal instalments (first instalment at the end of day-1 and the second instalment after completing 70 hrs)


B-Tech /M-Tech/Msc /MCA Computer Science in Any branch with 50% score

For details contact –8078102119