ICTAK -QuEST Global Partnership Program

ICTAK -QuEST Global Partnership Program


According to the changing recruitment scenarios around the world ,employers prefer candidates with required subject matter knowledge .ICT Academy of Kerala is partnering with QuEST Global is providing employment training on Application Programming for Engineering Systems.

Successful candidates are eligible for  exclusive recruitment drive of QuEST Global*

• The program content has been created by QuEST Global based on their requirements .
• Blended learning with Industry cases,to familiarise you with real life technology problems
• Industry experts as guest speakers for the programme

Module 1
1. Moving from C to C++, I/O statements, Variable declaration, Pointer concept, Dynamic Memory Allocation ‘new’ and ‘delete’
2. Coding standards, Default arguments and Reference variables,
3. Introduction to OOPS, Object oriented fundamentals, Classes and Objects, Member functions, this pointer, Workshop (Pending exercises/Doubt etc
4. Constructors and Destructors, Initialization list, Initialization Vs assignment, Initializing a constant member, initializing a pointer member,
5. Initializing a user-defined type, Copy constructors, 6, Unit test – 1,Container classes
7. Inline Functions , Static variables and functions, Workshop,
8. Unit test – 2, Friend functions, Friend Classes, its applications
9. Test 1 (Lab & Theory)

Module 2
10. Operator Overloading, Function Overloading, Assignment operator, its applications
11. Inheritance, Types of inheritance, Constructors/Destructor, base/member initialization list, Abstract base class
12. Polymorphism, Virtual Functions, Function overriding,, Workshop
13. Exception handling with examples
14. Error handling strategies, SEH, Workshop, Namespaces,
15. Unit test – 3, RTTI & Type casting, Type conversion,
16.Test 2 (Lab & Theory),
17. C++ File Handling:-manipulations, Stream classes, istream & ostream class, console/operations, File Handling – Random access of files, Error checking, File pointer manipulations.

Module 3
18, Files, Debugging techniques,
19, Unit test – 4, Function templates
20, Standard Template Library (STL) – String,
21, Containers, Iterators (vector, list, map), where to use
22, Workshop : Usage of STL classes
23, Final Exam (Lab & Theory)
24, UML – Class diagram, Use case diagram,
25, Introduction to Design Patterns ( Factory Method, Abstract Factory, Singleton, Mediator,Observer, State)
26, Project

Eligibility :B.Tech graduates in ECE/CS/EEE/IT with min 65% marks along with 60% marks in 10 and 12th std

Schedule :  16 Oct 2017

Duration :  200 hours

Venue :   ICTAK Learning Centre,Technopark

Course Fees  : 12500 plus taxes(paid only on the selection)

Admission : Through a entrance consists of One and half hour ( 1 hour for programming basics and 30 minutes for Aptitude and Basic IT)

Registration Fees: Rs 500 ( Refundable in case candidate did not qualify for the test  .However not refundable if the candidate qualified for the test ,but not enrolling for the course)

For details call : 8111840022 /8078102119