Full Stack Developer Certification

Full Stack Developer Certification

                                                    FULL STACK DEVELOPER PROGRAM



Accelerated BlockChain Development (ABCD) Programme is a technology training programme facilitated by Govt. of Kerala, that will be of high industry relevance in the coming years. By going through the programme, students will be able to achieve multiple levels of certification that will help them to apply for different job roles in many Technology and Business Organisations (such as Information Technology, Banking, Financial Services, Retail etc) that apply such technologies

The various job roles that the proposed ABCD programme would fetch for students are (a)  Full-Stack Developer /MEAN Stack developer (b) Python Programmer (c) Go language programmer (d) Blockchain Associate (e) Blockchain Developer and (f) Blockchain Architect

Students from Engineering/Arts&Science/Diploma, having a foundation level knowledge (plus two equivalent) in Mathematics and Computer fundamental skills, can apply for the Accelerated BlockChain Development (ABCD) Programme, through the Colleges that run the programme as Additional Skills Development Programme.

How Does it work?

The interested students will have to register for an Entrance test and clear it for becoming eligible for the training programme. Students will be required to attend 82 Hrs of classroom training and around 42 Hrs on self-learning activities (total of 124 hrs over a period of 1 month for graduates) and 86 hours over 8 weeks for working professionals. Once the Foundation skills training programme is complete, participants can appear for the exit test, which will lead to the Full-Stack Developer certification, provided by the consortium of ICT Academy and leading ICT organisations (TCS, UST Global, IBS & QuEST) in the state. Full stack certification is a pre-requisite for students to entry to the Blockchain development programme.

Students can opt for three levels of training as part of the Blockchain training programme – viz the Blockchain Associate certification, Blockchain developer certification and Blockchain architect certification programme. Students will obtain a complete Business and technology overview, as part of the Associate programme. Students will be provided with Hand-on levels skills training, as part of the Blockchain Developer training programme. Blockchain developer training will equip students on any entry-level job opportunities using Blockchain technology. Interested students can further their expertise, by joining on a 10 weeks Internship at IITMK facility in Thiruvananthapuram, which will provide them with Blockchain Architect certification and capability.

The block chain training programme will be certified by Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA), Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala (IIITMK) and Blockchain Education Network (BEN)

Admission started for the 4th batch.Entrance test will be conducted on 5th of January.