Effective Course Delivery using Moodle

Effective Course Delivery using Moodle

The main topics covered are :-

  • Why Moodle?btn-register-now-app

It runs on almost all platforms, supporting a lot of useful function and customization. It is used all over the world by teachers and educators and it’s probably the best E-Learning tool.

  • System requirement specifications and Installation Procedures

Covers basic hardware and softwre requirements for the moodle configuration and installation.

  • Creation of Courses.

Allows the faculty to ceate new courses in the platform and schedule the activities as per lesson plan.

  • Forum Creation.

Participation in forums can be an integral part of the learning experience, helping students define and evolve their understanding of subject matter.

  • Calendar Configuration

The activities and plans can be easily tracked with the calendar schedules.

  • Chat Configuration.

Allows real-time synchronous communication by learners.

  • Creation of Lesson

Allows instructor to create and manage a set of linked “Pages”.  Each page can end with a question. The student chooses one answer from a set of answers and either goes forward, backward or stays in the same place in the lesson.

  • Assignment Creation

Used to assign online or offline tasks; learners can submit tasks in any file format (e.g. MS Office, PDF, image etc.).

  • Quiz

Create all the familiar forms of assessment including true-false, multiple choice, short answer, matching question, random questions, numerical questions, embedded answer questions with descriptive text and graphics.

  • Plugins
    • Attendance
      • To maintain and track the attendance records
    • Virtual Programming Lab
      • Setting programming exercises to be solved using various programming languages.
    • Themes
      • How to deploy a new theme.
  • Survey & Feedback

This module aids an instructor in making online classes more effective by offering a variety of surveys, including critical incident sampling.

  • Workshop

An activity for peer assessment of documents (Word, PP etc.) that students submit online. Participants can assess each other’s project. Teacher makes final student assessment, and can control opening and closing periods.

  • Bulk Uploads

Various bulk data uploading methods such for users, questions etc. from an external source.

  • Grading & Report Generation
  • Result and Report generation of various activities.

Preferred participants are: Faculty members, Research Scholars, UG/PG Students, Passed out students

Booking Fee: Rs.500/-, which will be deducted from the Total course fee. The participants can pay the balance amount at respective venues.

The total course fee is 2500 (One Thousand Eight hundred only. Inclusive of All Taxes).