IoT for Engineering Applications

Introduction to FOSS
OSH and Choosing the right Platform
Introduction to IOT
Sensors, Actuators, Processing and Communication
Group Discussion different IoT Scenarios
Introduction to Arduino Boards and its types
Hands-On with Arduino IDE
GPIO Interfacing in Arduino Demo Projects – Arduino,o LED Blinking
Do –It–Yourself Projects – Arduino
LED ON/OFF using push button
Interfacing Light Sensor
LCD Interfacing in Arduino
Demo Projects – Arduino
LCD Printing – Hello World
Do –It–Yourself Projects – Arduino
LCD Scrolling
Serial data display in LCD
Interfacing Motion Sensor
Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor
Introduction to Raspberry Pi B+ Board
Familiarizing Linux Commands for doing projects
Basics of Python Programming
Python coding – Hands-on
Demo Projects – Raspberry Pi
Do –It–Yourself Projects – Raspberry Pi
Familiarizing Thingspeak
Demo Project – IoT (Arduino + Raspberry Pi + Thingspeak)
Uploading Sensor data to Cloud
Downloading data to actuate
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