What is ICT Academy of Kerala?

ICT Academy of Kerala is a Social Enterprise created in a Public Private Partnership model (PPP) for imparting ICT skills to the youths of Kerala and improve their employability opportunities in the Industry. The Company is supported by Govt. of India , partnered by Govt. of Kerala and the ICT industry.


To emerge as the single-point establishment for all the ICT related capability building in the State


Our Key Focus Areas

(a) Industry focused enablement programs for Faculty members

(b) Industry focused ICT Skills development program for Students

(c) Industry collaborated Research and Projects assistance to academic institutions

(d) Project assignments related to capability building for Institutions and Corporate

(e) Creating Intellectual Property on niche skill areas and emerging technologies


Is this a finishing school

Information and Communication Technology Academy of Kerala (ICT Academy of Kerala) is a Not-for-profit Social Enterprise created in partnership with Government of India, Govt. of Kerala and established ICT Companies of the Country.

The core objective of ICT Academy of Kerala is to improve employability skills amongst Students who are enrolled in Technical, Technology and Arts & Science Institutions across the state. It is achieved by imparting Industry relevant skills training in Technology and Life skills for Students from their beginning years of their graduation.

Are you an Educational Institution?

The model of implementation is through Train-the-Trainer program, where by the teaching staffs of colleges are equipped through guided trainings, which will then be imparted to students as supplementary courses. ICT Academy will also assist students training programs via course materials, online assessment modules and final certification tests.